Program Committee

Program co-chairs

  • Linda O’Brien, Griffith University, Australia
  • Andrea Schweer, The University of Waikato
  • Elin Stangeland, University of Oslo

Track Chairs

  • Poster chair: Paula Callan, Queensland University of Technology
  • Workshop chair: Sarah Brown, The University of Queensland
  • 24X7 chair: Peter Sefton, University of Technology Sydney
  • Ideas challenge/ Developer track co-chairs: Adam Field, JISC; Claire Knowles, University of Edinburgh; Sam Searle, Griffith University; Heather Todd, University of Queensland
  • DSpace chair: Allison Brown, University of Otago
  • Fedora co-chairs: Thomas Murphy, University of Michigan; David Wilcox, Duraspace
  • EPrints chair: Tomasz Neugebauer, Université Concordia

Host Organising Committee

  • Linda O’Brien, Griffith University
  • Maureen Sullivan, Griffith University
  • Kim Lewin, Queensland University of Technology
  • Lousie Howard, Griffith University
  • Bob Gerrity, The University of Queensland
  • Heather Todd, The University of Queensland
  • Lori Bowe, Griffith University
  • Susanne Osborne, Griffith University



Sue Hutley, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia

Andrea Schweer, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Elin Stangeland, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway



The University of Queensland; Queensland University of Technology (QUT); Griffith University



  • Andrew, Theo; University of Edinburgh; United Kingdom
  • Anez, Melissa; Islandora Foundation; Canada
  • Barbour, Virginia; Queensland University of Technology; Australia
  • Bollini, Andrea; 4Science; Italy
  • Borchert, Martin; University of New South Wales; Australia
  • Borda, Susan; Montana State University; United States
  • Bradley, Justin; EPrints Services; United Kingdom
  • Brady, Terrence W; Georgetown University Library; United States
  • Brown, Allison; University of Otago; New Zealand
  • Brown, Sarah; University of Queensland; Australia
  • Bubalo, Vladimir; Macquarie University; Australia
  • Budden, Yvonne Claire; University of Warwick; United Kingdom
  • Burgess, Robin William; The University of Sydney; Australia
  • Callan, Paula; Queensland University of Technology; Australia
  • Cassidy, Kathryn; Trinity College Dublin; Ireland
  • Chan, Janice; Curtin University; Australia
  • Clair, Kevin; University of Denver Libraries; United States
  • Cochrane, Tom Grattan; QUT; Australia
  • Cossu, Stefano; The Art Institute of Chicago; United States
  • Creel, James; Texas A&M University Libraries; United States
  • Derven, Caleb; University of Limerick; Ireland
  • Donnelly, Martin; University of Edinburgh; United Kingdom
  • Donohue, Tim; DuraSpace; United States
  • Dunn, Jon W.; Indiana University; United States
  • Eadie, Michael; University of Glasgow; United Kingdom
  • Fay, Ed; University of Southampton; United Kingdom
  • Field, Adam; Jisc; United Kingdom
  • Fitchett, Deborah; Lincoln University; New Zealand
  • Fleming, Declan; UC San Diego; United States
  • Frances, Maude; UNSW Australia; Australia
  • Friscia, Mike; Yale University Library; United States
  • Frost, Dermot; Trinity College Dublin; Ireland
  • Frost, Hannah; Stanford University Libraries; United States
  • Frumkin, Jeremy; University of Arizona; United States
  • Giarlo, Michael; Stanford University; United States
  • Gourley, Don; Washington Research Library Consortium; United States
  • Grant, Carl; University of Oklahoma; United States
  • Green, Peter; Curtin University; Australia


  • Groenewegen, David; Monash University; Australia
  • Habing, Thomas; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; United States
  • Hall, Nathan F.; Virginia Tech University Libraries; United States
  • Han, Bin; Concordia University; Canada
  • Herlihy, Breeda; University College Cork; Ireland
  • Houghton, Bernadette; Deakin University; Australia
  • Howard, John; University College Dublin; Ireland
  • Hswe, Patricia; The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; United States
  • Ilva, Jyrki; National Library of Finland; Finland
  • Jefferies, Neil Stephen; University of Oxford; United Kingdom
  • Johnson, Rick; University of Notre Dame; United States
  • Jones, Richard David; Cottage Labs; United Kingdom
  • Kesäniemi, Joonas; University of Helsinki; Finland
  • Kingsley, Danny; University of Cambridge; United Kingdom
  • Knoth, Petr; The Open University; United Kingdom
  • Knowles, Claire; University of Edinburgh; United Kingdom
  • Krafft, Dean B; Cornell University Library; United States
  • Kuchma, Iryna; EIFL; Lithuania
  • Le Meur, Jean-Yves; CERN; Switzerland
  • Lewis, Stuart; National Library of Scotland; United Kingdom
  • Luyten, Bram; Atmire; Belgium
  • Manghi, Paolo; National Research Council; Italy
  • Marian, Ludmila; CERN; Switzerland
  • Masar, Ivan; DSpace; Czech Republic
  • McCutcheon, Valerie; University of Glasgow Library; United Kingdom
  • McLean, Andrew; Imperial College London; United Kingdom
  • McSweeney, Patrick; University of Southampton; United Kingdom
  • Mele, Salvatore; CERN; Switzerland
  • Mercer, Holly; University of Tennessee; United States
  • Miller, Kate; The University of Waikato; New Zealand
  • Minton Morris, Carol; DuraSpace; United States
  • Molloy, Sarah; Queen Mary University of London; United Kingdom
  • Murphy, Thomas; University of Michigan; United States
  • Neugebauer, Tomasz; Concordia University; Canada
  • Nixon, William J.; University of Glasgow; United Kingdom
  • Parry, Michael; Victoria University of Wellington; New Zealand
  • Pino, Diego Alberto; Metropolian New York Library Council; Chile
  • Pontika, Nancy; CORE – Open University; United Kingdom


  • Pottinger IV, Hardy Joseph; University of Missouri; United States
  • Reimer, Torsten; British Library; United Kingdom
  • Richardson, Joanna; Griffith University; Australia
  • Rodrigues, Eloy; Universidade do Minho; Portugal
  • Ruggaber, Robin; University of Virginia; United States
  • Scherle, Ryan; Dryad Digital Repository; United States
  • Schmidt, Birgit; University of Goettingen; Germany
  • Schweer, Andrea; The University of Waikato; New Zealand
  • Searle, Sam; Griffith University; Australia
  • Sefton, Peter; University of Technology Sydney; Australia
  • Shepherd, Kim Michael; Kim Shepherd; New Zealand
  • Sheppard, Nick; University of Leeds; United Kingdom
  • Shreeves, Sarah; University of Miami; United States
  • Siminson, Nicola Jane; The Glasgow School of Art; United Kingdom
  • Simko, Tibor; CERN; Switzerland
  • Simons, Natasha; Griffith University; Australia
  • Simpson, Justin; Artefactual; Canada
  • Soroka, A.; the University of Virginia Library; United States
  • Stack, Padraic; Dublin City Public Libraries; Ireland
  • Stangeland, Elin; University of Oslo; Norway
  • Stern, Randy; Harvard Library Technology Services; United States
  • Stroop, Jon; Princeton University; United States
  • Subirats, Imma; Food and Agriculture Organization; Italy
  • Sullivan, Max; Victoria University of Wellington; New Zealand
  • Tarrant, David; The Open Data Institute; United Kingdom
  • Teperek, Marta; Cambridge University Library; United Kingdom
  • Todd, Heather; University of Queensland; Australia
  • Tuohy, Conal;; Australia
  • Tuttle, Jim; Duke Universilty Libraries; United States
  • Viita, Samu; National Library of Finland; Finland
  • Walsh, Maureen; The Ohio State University; United States
  • Warner, Simeon; Cornell University; United States
  • Wilcox, David; DuraSpace; Canada
  • Witt, Michael; Purdue University; United States
  • Woods, Andrew; DuraSpace; United States
  • Xie, Zhiwu; Virginia Tech; United States
  • Yott, Patrick; Northeastern University; United States

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