CKAN Association

The CKAN Association, established in 2014, manages and oversees the CKAN project, supporting the growth of CKAN, its community and stakeholders. Key aspects of the Association are:

  • A Steering Group and Advisory Group which oversee the project and represent stakeholders.
  • Specific teams to look after particular areas such as a “Technical Team” to oversee technical development and a “Community and Communications team” to oversee materials (including project website) and drive community engagement
  • A Membership program for organizations and individuals to participate in CKAN and contribute to its long-term sustainability

The Association has its formal institutional home at the Open Knowledge Foundation but is autonomous and has its own independent governance, in the form the Steering Group which is drawn from major CKAN stakeholders. The Open Knowledge Foundation, who are the original creators of CKAN, will continue to contribute to CKAN at all levels but the Association allows others – from government users to suppliers of CKAN services – to have a formal role in the development of the CKAN project going forward.