As an active advocate of both Open Source software and the Open Access movement, Atmire has been a loyal sponsor of the Open Repositories conference for years.

The company is a registered DSpace Service Provider that provides DSpace services and Add-on modules to enable online open access to digital content including scholarly publications, research datasets, online courses, and audiovisual multimedia.

More than 130 institutions from 25 countries rely on Atmire’s services for the installation, customization, hosting or maintenance of their DSpace repository. Since August 2016 Atmire also became the sole provider of the ready-to-go hosted repositories of Open Repository.

Atmire also offers Add-on modules to extend the functionality of DSpace. The offering includes modules for streaming documents, images or audiovisual content, but also for visualizing statistics, for creating reports and metadata batch editing and duplicate detection.


Meet Atmire at the conference

You can get in touch with Atmire by swinging by the conference booth, or by tapping one of the people below on the shoulder. Want to make sure you have enough time to discuss your topic with Atmire? Send a message to schedule a conversation.

Lieven Droogmans is Atmire’s CEO. He co-founded the company in 2006 together with Bram Luyten and Ben Bosman. Get in touch with him to discuss your DSpace ambitions.

Bram Luyten is one of Atmire’s founders and COO. He manages some of Atmire’s largest accounts. Talk to bram about your DSpace Projects


Art Lowel is Atmire’s Research & Development manager. He was the driving force behind the Mirage 1 and 2 themes, and will be contributing to the DSpace 7 project. You can get in touch with Art to discuss DSpace development ideas.

Ignace Deroost is Atmire’s Sales & Marketing associate and product expert on Atmire’s range of Add-on modules. Get in touch with him for all your DSpace and Open Repository questions.


DSpace services

Atmire offers a full range of DSpace services to establish a repository meeting specific needs. These services range from basic DSpace installations over to developing elaborate customizations to DSpace.

Atmire offers remote maintenance and support services providing assistance within a 48h time frame. This service is based on an on demand principle to ensure the client remains in control of all expenses.

Institutions can choose to host their repository in-house, or on Atmire’s managed hosting. As a registered consulting partner, Atmire provisions hosting infrastructure through Amazon Web Services (AWS). With a mature range of flexible IT resources available globally and at low cost, AWS is providing greater business agility and significant cost savings across virtually every industry. Institutions from California State University to the World Bank are taking advantage of the AWS services for their Institutional Repository.


Open Repository

Need a ready-togo repository which does not require any technological knowledge from your end? Open Repository offers a hosted & maintained repository platform provided at a fixed annual price. Find out more at the Open Repository website.